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I cam not tell you have exciting I am for the summer! Something about the sun that make people much more happier! I’ve notice myself putting away my winter fragrance and searching for my new summer sense. when I was younger I never really understood the reason why my grandma have different sense of fragrance... / READ MORE /
This product here is definitely revolutionaly! I came cross the Smash box primer water late last year 2017 when I purchase it my intention was to try it out and not really have must expectation. As the sun is out in London I’ve been using this prima for the last 2 months and I must... / READ MORE /
Could not find a better season to launch my first blog post with U.K Bank holiday hottest drinking spot, Sunshine in London on rooftop bar! Big Chill is one of London coolest place hidden away on a side road, located in “Kings cross ” on “Pentonville Road” about 4 mins walk from Kings cross underground... / READ MORE /